Step 1: Primer

There are many different types of primers on the market.

Find one that is right for your skin type and appropriate to use depending on your desired makeup look. For example, a mattifying primer will help control oil or hydrating for dry skin types.

Using a concealer brush or your finger apply an eyelid primer to ensure shadow stay put and to avoid creasing.

Step 2: Eyes

Eye shadow is a great way to transform the eye by enhancing the shape and colour.

When choosing a palette, look for a variety of light to dark neutral shades in both matte and shimmer finishes.

By playing with application techniques and layering textures, there are endless looks to be explored with eye shadow.

We love combining shimmer and matte shadow to add depth to the eyes.

Step 3: Eyeliner

There are many different types of liner you can use – Liquid, Pencil, Cream/Gel.

We recommend using a pencil & Cream/Gel liners.

Line your eyes as close to your lash line as possible, with a back and forth motion to work the in the colour. Start at the outer corner and taper the liner about 3/4 of the way in.

Use a clean Q-tip to softly blend the colour into the lash line & to get rid of any harsh lines. (this is for pencil only)

For gel liner:

Grab an angle brush, dip into cream pot, apply liner by pressing the brush into the lash line & then run the brush over all the dots for a smooth finish.

Step 4:  Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer

Identify your skins needs

Use a nickle size amount for your entire face

You can use a foundation brush, sponge (we swear by beauty blenders!) or fingers to apply. Make sure to blend any lines and pay attention to the jawline!

You can apply a second layer if you have any type of redness you want to cover.

Step 5: Concealer

Pat concealer under eyes with ring finger or a concealer brush .

Concealer should match consistency/coverage of foundation. If you are using a sheer foundation, don’t go too heavy on the concealer or your skin might look patchy.

Concealer/Highlighter – Don’t appear to conceal as much as a thicker concealer but they reflective light properties that are very flattering. Great for those looking for a lighter option.

Use your concealer and spot treat any specific areas

Step 6: Shimmer Highlighter

There are many different types of  shimmer highlighters available! Highlighting your face is such a great way to add a luminous glow to your skin. We think powder highlighters are easiest to use; especially when applied with a large fluffy brush.

Blending is key – Use the appropriate brush (we like a large crease brush).

Begin by applying the highlighter in 3 key places

  • Inside corner of the eye by the tear duct
  • on your cheekbone
  • Under your Brow

Step 7: Powder

Depending on your skin type – if you are super oily you can apply powder all over your face using a powder brush.

If you have mature skin – you have the option of using a mineral powder which doesn’t have a matte finish so it leaves your skin really fresh looking.

Step 8: Blush

Apply a blush using a blush brush (appropriate for your skin type) just above the apples of your cheeks, sweep up and out – blend, blend, blend!

If you have oily skin, try using a matte blush. If you want to add a glow, look for a shimmer or mineral blush. Cream blush is great for mature skin or if you have dry/dehydrated skin.

Step 9: Brows

Brush brow hair up and out using an old clean mascara wand or spooly. This cleans the hair of any powder and gives a clearer picture of where to shade.

Fill in any sparse areas with brow pencil with light, feathery strokes (mimicking the hair). Use the spooly to blend the strokes. Go over the arch and extend the end of the eyebrow slightly.

Sharpen brow line by running a clean concealer brush along the edges of the brow.

Step 10: Mascara

Curl your lashes to open up your eyes and then brush on mascara (1 to 2 coats)

Mascara formulas are more or less the same – it’s the brush that makes the difference… If you want a clean natural look try a plastic brush and for volume use a larger brush with dense bristles. Try Fully Fat Lashes from Charlotte Tilbury.

Step 11: Lip Colour

Lipstick and gloss is such a personal thing – some women prefer gloss, some hate it. We say use a product that feels moisturizing and nourishing, whether it’s sheer lipstick, a lip gloss, or plain ol’ Chapstick.

If you have chapped lips be sure to exfoliate your lips once a week.

Lip Liner is optional – great for balancing your lip shape.

Archive Lipstick Trio are beautiful Nude colours from Charlotte Tilbury