Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Looking for foundation for rosacea and sensitive skin? I got just the story for you... Recently, my good friend texted in me in sheer panic: Val, My skin gets red and dry in the winter but its super


How to wear a Bold Lip

Select your shade - The colour of the pads of your fingers is similar to that of your lips, so by swiping a couple of shades on your fingertips you will get an accurate visual of which shade will


Dry Skin Solutions

Dry, itchy skin is a common winter problem. Let’s just say, as the colder months  approach, revamping your skin care routine can help prevent discomfort and keep your skin soft and protected all winter long. Everything from indoor heat,


Spring Clean your Beauty Routine

Ahh, Spring! It’s that magical time of year when we finally break out of hibernation mode and go outside to enjoy the sunshine. Here is a simple guide to clean out your makeup bag, replace outdated products and help


Essential Brushes & How to Care for Them

Using the proper makeup brushes really does make a difference in the way you apply your makeup. When we are teaching our makeup seminars, we always recommend the following brushes to get you on the right track!    


The Late Face

Oops - you slept in! Don't have time to put on your usual makeup? Don't fret, with the right products, you can do a lot in just a few minutes. Step 1 Use a small amount of foundation


Detox your Skin

5 ‘Two Chicks Approved’ Skincare Products for cleaning and purifying your skin post workout. Bring it on, Hot Yoga! La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray $12.99 / 150g Stash a small bottle of this cooling magic spray in

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