If you are like us & follow beauty hacks online, I’m sure you’ve been seeing gemstone rollers all over social media. These beauty tools are everywhere and rightfully so, they’re an effective and simple way to increase the benefits of your skincare routine.

The gemstone rollers have been around since the 7th century, originating in Chinese skincare routines. Jade rollers were used for its ability to warm the skin. Scientific research has shown Jade as a natural transmitter of Far Infrared Rays. These rays transmit low levels of heat which allow the Jade to warm up & boost microcirculation.

Rose Quartz, is a little less scientific. It’s said to help the heart chakra letting go of stress & negativity that can cause tension in the muscle, resulting in fine lines & wrinkles.

How to: There are two different ways to use the rollers. One is a gentle downward motion. This is detoxifying & stimulates lymphatic drainage. The second is in a more vigorous and rejuvenating upward movement. This stimulates circulation & oxygenates the skin.

We love this video by The Organic Esthetician on the two different ways to roll using a Rose Quartz roller.

If you are looking for a skin care line, we have been using Rodan & Fields (I, Lori use Unblemish to control my acne & Val been using redefined and reverse which helps with pigmentation) You can take our quiz HERE and see what skin care regime works best for you.