I wanted to show you another way of turning your day “No Makeup” Look into a quick & easy night look.

Grab your brushes & follow along!

The products I used for my Day Look:

Skin – Charlotte Tilbury – Concealer Highlighter

Bdellium Brush – 948

Bronzer – Bobbi Brown – Golden Light 1

Bdellium Brush – 964

Brows – KISS NY Pro in Brunette

Lashes – Shu Umera Curler & Loreal Kat Eye

Blush – Charlotte Tilbury – Beach Stick in Las Salinas

Lips – Fresh Advanced┬áTherapy Lip Treatment

My Quick & Easy Night Look

Watch the video for a list of all products & brushes used!

Would this be a look you can see yourself doing?

Love to hear your thoughts xo