Your Guide To All Natural Skincare Travel Essentials

Your Guide To All Natural Skincare Travel Essentials

Whether you’re jetting off to a Winter wonderland or indulging in sun soaked lands this festive season, there are certain travel essentials that every girl needs in her bag so she can enjoy sexy, glowing skin no matter where she ends up.

Let’s chat about five of our must have skin care products that will keep your skin hydrated, smooth and clear, so you’ll be confident to rock a bare face or have the perfect canvas for all your beautiful makeup looks!

Natural deep cleanser

If it has Rose, we’re on it, because not only is Rose absolutely brimming in antioxidants, its intoxicating floral aroma can actually boost your spirits and transform any day into a good one!

This Rose otto Cleansing Milk by Alteya Organics is one of our favourites, because it’s gentle enough for all skin types and will remove all traces of dirt and makeup, yet it will never strip the skin of natural oils thanks to skin softening Jojoba oil to help nourish, balance and hydrate the skin.

Antioxidant rich toner

A toner is a natural follow up to a good cleansing routine, but did you know that a toner is a multi-tasking product and can replace something that may be in your handbag right now?

Toners are excellent when spritzed over makeup, because they help to set your makeup for the day. Unlike conventional makeup setting sprays, a natural toner will not only refresh your skin, it will infuse it with nutrients to work their magic on your skin all day long!

This gorgeous Rose floral Mist (can you tell we love rose?) will balance your skin’s pH, calm inflammation and refine the pores.

Try a Facial Oil

Unlike a moisturizer alone, facial oils are super concentrated and brimming in antioxidants to fight antioxidants and keep the skin dewy and radiant!

This facial oil by True Botanicals is a skincare dream and will quickly become your new bff!

Face mask for a special skin treat

Many women skip this step, but a good face mask can work wonders at providing a deep cleanse and can drastically perk up dull, tired looking skin.

Vitamin C Masks are a favourite among supermodels to keep their skin bright and glowing, and this Osea Vitamin C probiotic Face Polish will leave you with just as much confidence! It is a potent, powdered exfoliant that will slough away dry, old skin and reveal your true luminosity waiting underneath!

Don’t forget the eyes

Don’t even think about applying that luxe concealer formula without smoothing on an eye cream first!

Not only will a good, natural eye cream, like this one, help your concealer blend beautifully, antioxidants and soothing ingredients will help to firm, tone and brighten the delicate eye area for wide awake sparkling peepers, no matter how late you were up the night before.

These are our must have travel essentials and your holiday will be that much better for having these beautiful products in your skincare bag!