I swear by my weekly bath rituals!

It’s the perfect way to reconnect with yourself and recharge so I felt called to create something like this for you to use at home.

What’s inside:

100% Pure Himalayan bath salts

Organic Rose Petals

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil

Rose Quartz Crystals


How to Use it:

Choose a day when you will have 20–30 minutes of uninterrupted time. 

Cleanse your bathroom’s energy by lighting the sage or palo santo. Waft the smoke into all corners of the room while holding your self-love intention inside. You may even be called to state your intention aloud as you cleanse, purify, and bless the space for your sacred ritual.

Fill your tub with as warm of water you can handle. Use a temperature that feels best for you. 

Light candles.

Add Self Love Bath (entire package). Salts will really help to detox your body physically and energetically. 

Turn on your healing music or meditation, if desired.

 Breathe. Let go of any tension or resistance.

Enjoy the remainder of your bath, basking in all of the love energy you’ve cultivated and soak up the healing vibes of this transformational ritual.

*Be sure to drink a glass of water for every 20 minutes soaking in any salts.

** You get TWO pouches for $19.99