Makeup & Self Love Online Program



Are you a modern, busy woman?

This online program is here to help you create simple self-care strategies, find joy in the everyday, guide you on a path of transformation and, of course, do your makeup like a PRO in no time!

The Makeup & Self Love Program is a series of curated makeup video tutorials, as well as educational PDFs, journal prompts, guided meditations and more!

As a makeup artist & educator, I had the tools to create an online program to teach and empower women to embrace makeup, love themselves and become their very own makeup artist.



The Makeup + Self Love Program Course Breakdown:

Module 1: Self Love & Self Acceptance

Module 2: Time Management Like a Queen

Module 3: Setting Boundaries

Module 4: Self Care & Healing

Module 5: Self Love & Rituals 101

Module 6: All Things Makeup


What’s included:

Makeup 101 Guide

  • My exclusive breakdown of the fundamentals of makeup.
  • Including product descriptions
  • Must-have brushes, as well as face & eye shapes!

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

  • Easy to follow demo videos on how to apply makeup.
  • What products to use and which brushes you need.

Detailed Modules to Follow

  • Discover Self Love and how to create it for yourself.
  • Learn my signature everyday makeup look.
  • Get ready to apply your makeup with confidence in no time!