One-on-One Makeup Lesson: Be Confident, Feel Beautiful

I created the Personalized Makeup Lesson to teach you the essential tips, tricks and techniques so you can become your very own makeup artist!

During the lesson, you will recieve:
  • A customized makeup shopping list: I will look at the makeup you have and advise you on what you need to complete your look.
  • A full how-to makeup tutorial showing you step by step how to achieve your desired makeup look. (I do one half of your face then you do the other!)
  • A step-by-step booklet
  • 20% off Bdellium Brushes
Learn how to create your own flawless makeup at home!

Length of Appointment: Approx 4 hrs
Cost: $500 + HST

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Thank you!! You guys were awesome!
I had a fantastic time, learned a lot, and am looking forward to putting it all into practice.
Definitely an experience I’ll cherish, and so glad I did it.
I’ll be sure to send you some pics for your yays or nays 🙂
So weird to see myself on camera….lol
Love having the video to refer back to, and the list of products we used.
Have a wonderful summer, and thanks again!
Ashifa Rogers
THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you!!!
I don’t often feel great about myself, but you guys made me feel so much more confident & beautiful. I hope I can replicate this look so I can replicate that feeling!
I think the video is perfect. I haven’t watched it in it’s entirety, but I should be ok. The eye shadow will probably be where I struggle. Blend, blend, blend…
Thanks again for your time & knowledge! I’ll admit, I was totally fangirling on the inside. I love you guys!! I hope I can do this again sometime – you are magic!!! :))
Meaghan Dunn

Length of Appointment: Approx 4 hrs
Cost: $500 + HST

book now or make an inquiry