I recently grabbed this Smashbox palette ‘cuz I was really impressed with the 6 shades and wanted to try it on!

I’m always on the hunt for great products that can simplify your makeup routine (and mine also, to be quite honest) and I have become OBSESSED with this lil’ palette.

My Review:

While I’m typically not a fan of pre-made palettes, this one made the cut and is totally #twochicksapproved.

First, the colour selection is on point (definitely not for every skin tone, but if you’re light- med/dark, it’ awesome) and I LOVE the texture range. By that I mean, the 4 powders (Highlight, Contour, Bronze and Blush) are Matte and the only shimmers are the ones in the middle highlight shades. This is important because in order to create definition, we always recommend using matte powders first and then STRATEGICALLY applying your shimmers.

Second, I’m impressed with the size of the pans in the palette. They are small enough to fit into a compact but large enough to use the proper brushes without accidentally dipping into the neighbouring shades.

And, lastly, I really like the pigment load. It is consumer friendly (meaning an amateur makeup artist can apply and blend it, no problem) while also being completely build-able for those Pros looking to create more dramatic looks.

Watch How EASY it is to use! LOVE.


  1. R+F Radiant Defense #2 applied with Bdellium Small Foundation Brush  #968 BDHD
  1. Smashbox Palette ‘Highlight Powder’ to centre areas of face; applied with Bdellium Tapered Powder Brush #944
  1. Smashbox Palette ‘Contour Powder’ to contour areas of face (under chin cheekbones and across top of forehead) ; applied with Bdellium Slanted Contour Brush #942
  2. **I also brushed whatever product remained on the brush onto my eyelids for a bit of definition.
  1. Smashbox Palette ‘Matte Bronze’ to blend highlight/contour and warm up the skin; applied with Bdellium All Purpose Blush Brush #964
  1. Smashbox Palette ‘Matte Blush’ to the top of the apples of your cheeks; blend up and out; applied with Bdellium All Purpose Blush Brush #964
  1. Smashbox Palette ‘Shimmer Bronze Highlight’ across both eyelids, blended into the crease; applied with Bdellium Shadow Brush #777
  1. Smashbox Palette ‘Shimmer Highlight’ to inner corner of eyes, cupids bow (above upper lip) along centre of nose and on cheek & brow bone; applied with Bdellium Blending Brush #776
  1. BLEND one last time with your bronzer brush!
  1. Brush brow hairs up; fill any sparse areas; In this case I used Smashbox Palette ‘Contour Powder + Matte Bronzer’ applied with Bdellium Angled Brow Brush #763
  1. Curl Lashes + Apply mascara
  1. Apply a gloss or lip conditioner to centre of lips and top with MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in YASH

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